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Oct. 26th, 2006



Title: Season Two: Episode 2.2: Sarah Finds The Fabulous Dick
Fandom: Wolf Lake
Pairings and players: No pairing. Sarah/Dick
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sarah goes looking for some music and information. Instead, she gets Dick.
Authors: Jacki and Manda
Disclaimer: The resemblance of The Fabulous Dick to anyone that either of us may have known, dated or married is purely a coinky dinky. Honest.
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Oct. 9th, 2006



Title: Season Two: Episode 2.1: Bad Boys Make You Feel So Good
Fandom: Wolf Lake
Pairings and players: No pairing. Jeff/Molly
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The jail has a new frequent guest.
Authors: Jacki and Manda
Disclaimer: Putting Hugh Jackman in Wolf Lake seemed like a yummy idea.

"Molly! Come on! Jacks won't be back for hours, and I'm starving to death in here." The man in the cell was calling out to the deputy in his smoothest, sweetest voice. Of course, he knew it wouldn't do much good. Molly might come across to some people as a slightly ditzy slut, but Jeff Blackstone knew she was actually quite good at her job. Plus the woman was damned strong, and he had the nail marks down his back to prove it.
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Oct. 8th, 2006



Title: Season Two: Episode 1.2: Sex - Better When It's Family
Fandom: Wolf Lake
Pairings and players: John and ?
Rating: PG-13
Summary: John and a relative lover take it easy.
Authors: Jacki and Manda
Disclaimer: No blood, no incest. Right?

They were both naked, lying in a tangle of fur throws and soft blankets. There had been a couple of hours of languid lovemaking after the initial animal lust session. They had showered, with more pleasures under the water. Now John was nibbling on slices of roasted beef laid between the halves of a soft, buttery roll.
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Oct. 4th, 2006



Title: Season Two: Episode 1.1: Holes, Toes and Dang Wolves
Fandom: Wolf Lake
Pairings and players: No pairings. John/Ryan
Rating: PG
Summary: Meeting John and Ryan Jacks.
Authors: Jacki and Manda
Disclaimer: Ryan is much younger than the other version of her, and John is the new sheriff of Wolf Lake.

Everynight I have the same old dream
‘Bout you and me and what’s in between
So many secrets
So many lies…

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